Sky Chiew – Donut Empire Story of Sky Chiew

Sky Chiew And How Donut Empire Was Launched

There is a press release floating around about how Donut Empire was launched by Sky Chiew. This here is a condensed version of the original story.

Sky Chiew launched the popular donut chain – Donut Empire not too long ago. So how does his successful company run?

Sky Chiew’s Beginnings

Chiew is a serial entrepreneur. He has been at the helm of several successful companies. When he was visiting Melbourne and Jakarta, he noticed  how long the queues for donuts were. This inspired him to launch something similar in Singapore. In one year,  he now has 11 outlets in Singapore and 2 in Malaysia.

Sky Chiew’s Secrets

There are several reasons for his company’s success.

1. His team of experts who manages everything. They are overseen by his brother Steven (CEO) and Sky, the Executive Director.

2. Quality is also a big factor. His rich and flavorful donut is a hit with customers and there are new flavors coming out on a continual basis. Try a new and exciting flavor every time you visit.

Final Thoughts from Sky

Sky Chiew hopes serve as an inspiration for the F&B industry. He advises entrepreneurs in the industry to emphasize creating a solid product. Then you must have an effective marketing strategy . “Having an effective management system is essential to business,” said Chiew, pointing to his own team.

According to Sky, you also need a a quality research and development team to finding the right product to position within the market. A great R&D team will ensure that new engaging products are created on an ongoing basis. Last but not least, Sky Chiew encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to think big, plan, and make their dreams come true.

He is optimistic about the future of Donut Empire – while there will always be challenges, the Donut Empire team enthusiastically continues to put forth effort to strengthening and growing the company.

About Sky Chiew

Sky Chiew on LinkedIn

Sky is a serial entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of the successful Donut Empire donut chain.